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A clear, strategic understanding of your business and the needs of your customers / users underpins everything we do.  Brand strategy, market / user research, campaign integration, communications including social media planning and implementation all form part of our Growth-Driven Design Strategy.   Using research and insights to inform what happens next is a crucial process.  It is this strong partnership model that sets us apart from our competitors.

Growth-Driven Design Strategy

The life cycle to building a brand using

  • A user-centered strategy
  • A continuous improvement plan

User-Centered Strategy

The user-centered strategy for a new website or a re-fresh of your current website will enable you to understand the customers you are trying to reach and know how to solve their problems.  Providing the user with an enhanced website experience by implementing:

  • Visual aesthetic appeal
  • Meaningful content updated regularly
  • Packages / bundles to entice a better deal
  • Regular website end user-experience checks
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Special deals
  • Call to action
  • Social Media – constantly updating with links back to website for improved traffic

Continuous Improvement Cycle

The continuous improvement plan involves collaborating with the Bohemia Design to develop a long, thoughtful list of the most valuable elements you’d like to incorporate into your new website environment. A “wishlist,” is a key tool to use in order to prioritise efforts.

Wishlists are created with your company’s goals in mind. However, there are four steps in this cycle that ensure the process is consistent and repeatable.

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