When creating an effective website, it is important to consider the following key points:

  • Are you providing the wow-factor in 0.5 seconds?  As soon as your website is visited, that first impression counts!
  • Does your website link property?  Websites are made to connect from one page to another, internally, externally or to buy or to move to the next step…it is important to ensure that links and buttons are visible and working
  • Is your website mobile friendly?  Most web interactions are now mobile…where efficiency on all devices is important.
  • Are you being pro-active on Social Media?  How are you getting your message across to the wider-audience?
  • How can people find your website in order to visit it?
  • Do you have a plan and what is the ultimate goal for your website?

    Bohemia Design are here to help!  One of our key strategies is to help you measure, learn and adapt through our continuous improvement cycle.  There is no such thing as simply designing a website to set it and forget it!  Your website is your business partner…a strong marketing tool that you need to work with in order for your business to evolve efficiently and effectively.  We can help to steer you in the right direction…connect with us!